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Scallop Fishery off Wexford

Notice of Consultation

Draft Mitigation Response Plan for scallop fishery off Wexford Coast

A public consultation is now underway on the measures contained in a draft Mitigation Response Plan for the scallop fishery off Wexford regarding Natura 2000 sites in the area.  

The draft plan, developed in consultation with the industry including the Irish S&E Producer Organisation, aims to ensure that the use of towed, seabed-impacting fishing gears – particularly in the scallop fishery – off the south east Wexford coast is in compliance with the Birds & Habitats Directives.  
The draft Plan can be viewed in the following links:

Submissions can be made via email or posted to the address below.

Email:     Subject: Wexford Scallop Draft Mitigation Plan

Post to:      

Wexford Scallop Draft Mitigation Plan
Marine Agencies & Programmes Division
Department of Agriculture Food & Marine
National Seafood Centre
Co Cork
P85 TX47

Enquiries concerning this consultation to Eamon Aylward 023 885 9484

Please note this public consultation closed on 15 July 2016

All submissions are subject to the Freedom of Information Acts and/or the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations and may also be published on the Department’s website (excluding contact details). If any of the detail you are providing is sensitive on the basis that it is personal, confidential, or commercially confidential, please identify it within your submission and give clear reasons why you think it should not be released. The Department will, where possible, consult with you about any information which you have identified as sensitive information before making a decision in response to a request for release under the Freedom of Information Acts.

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